Veckorevyn No5 2003

posted 2012/01/03 @ 13:07

I just found a teen magazine while cleaning, featuring my illustrations of 2003 year’s Swedish Big Brother.

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Friday Inspiration 11.10.20

posted 2011/10/20 @ 13:38

friday inspirationz!

// The Evolution Will Be Fabulous by Peter Gronquist

// mwahahaha… Chewbacco. get it!?

// Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses

You put us on your blog. We put us on your face.
Erik Olierook

// rainbows at night? totally possible! they reflect the moonlight! more pics here.
rainbow at night Moonbow Photography   24 Magnificent Photos of Lunar Rainbow
// ooooh goosebumps! Studio Ghibli releases its first game! a jRPG called Ni No Kuni – trailer here

// Design Museum x State of the Obvious® collection, available at

// The State Of The Internet 2011

// Conceptual digital artist Michael Guppy‘s “Selected” project

// Finn MageeFlat Life. Each is a poster image of an object, with the twist being that the objects actually work.

Have a lovely weekend!

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