me, drawn by Christoffer Sörensen
me, as drawn by Marthe A Andersen

i am lina, hear me gnarl!

i was born in the south of Sweden, but love led me to Stockholm in 1997

i am 40-something and not bothered whatsoever about age

i am often slightly overjoyed and at times as enthusiastic as a toy poodle, when i am around people i love

i love dad-jokes and wordplay, to my friends and colleagues dismay

i am compulsively creative and wish i could just focus on one medium, but they are all too fun to choose between… and so i draw, paint, take photos, crochet, make little clay figurines, sew and whatever falls in my fancy

i am a computer nerd since Commodore 64, and the first girl in my small town to sit in the school’s computer room after hours.  although my preference lies within design, i am not afraid to go in and poke around in code. self-sufficiency ftw!

i love languages and started teaching myself english at age 6

i am a grammar nazi with a preference of improper capitalization in informal settings

i love a good zombie movie and have a sweet tooth for sci-fi

i listen to most music, but good drum&bass makes me extra happy, as do good old jazz standards

i can be reached at or any of the social media in the righthand menu


1999 – i started working at Catwalk Interactive, as a graphic designer
2001 – i freelanced as a photographer and designer, with clients such as Björk, Smekkleysa, The Tiny, Veckorevyn, Pajazzo, Vivo, iTunes, NME, Drowned In Sound, Greenhouse, Sruli Recht, Helena Lindholm, Metica, SomSara, Sara N Bergman,  Escapi Music NMS,  Bon Voyage, Cornelia Dahlgren and more…
2005 – i started working at Ongame as a graphic designer with focus on PokerRoom
2006 – the company was bought by bwin and so i continued doing graphic design there
2008 – i was offered and accepted the job as visual designer for gaming company Jadestone
2010 – i worked at Stardoll for 5 years as a visual designer
2016 – i now work at SVT Barnkanalen as Art Director

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