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Julia Holter

PostPosted: 28 Jan 2016, 20:35
by Wanbli

Her latest from Sept. last year - "Have You in My Wilderness"

Not sure how I missed this gem.

After the 3rd listen, it hits stronger than many, many albums I have heard in a long time.

Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" is all I can think of...

Re: Julia Holter

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2016, 23:30
by solfatara
oh my god yes!
I love this album too - I don't like it as much as loud city song, but it's still one of my favourites from 2k15 :>

Re: Julia Holter

PostPosted: 08 Nov 2016, 23:43
by Steve
The album version largely passed me by, but this is absolutely stunning:

Re: Julia Holter

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2019, 19:37
by queenofnerds
Steve wrote:The album version largely passed me by, but this is absolutely stunning:

That's gorgeous!

Been such a long time since I've popped my head in here.

Re: Julia Holter

PostPosted: 20 May 2020, 16:50
by Steve
You're so right, QoN. There was a long period when I had to listen to that live track at least once a day. It's now something I treat myself to on special occasions, and it's still every bit as good.

The main point of this was to be the first poster in 2020. Even the kitchen-refit guy seems to have given up on MilkyMoon, more's the pity. Where are all Joanna's fans?

Incidentally - I was miffed that the CoViD-19 pandemic kicked-in in the UK just a couple of days before I was due to see CocoRosie for the first time...