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Sprout and the Bean

PostPosted: 17 May 2010, 09:10
by milky moon

Title: Sprout and the Bean
Format: interactive CD single
Label: Drag City
Cat/No: DC287
Release: 2 november 2004

01. Sprout and the Bean - 04:42
02. What We Have Known - 06:08
03. Sprout and the Bean video (directed by Terri Timely)

Press release:
In 2004, the world found a new music to love: Joanna Newsom’s music captures what we’ve all lost — freedom to believe in the power of the imagination. Neither childlike nor completely “adult,” Joanna’s music exists in a space all its own. Other worlds are alive, not in the ether, but inside the mind. In “Sprout and the Bean,” she schools us all. The video takes us on an adventure from class room, with chalk creatures coming to life on the blackboard, to a green valley and a chorus of Joannas magically appearing. “Ask the councilor, ask the king,” Joanna Newsom’s “Sprout and the Bean” is a magical thing. The bonus track is a freshly recorded version of a track once exclusive to “Yarn and Glue,” Joanna’s now-extinct homemade CDR. “What We Have Known” clocks in just over the six minute mark, thus shooting Joanna straight into power ballad territory. Narwhals, nets, and non-returning soldiers set the stage for this epic crowd pleaser. Ms. Newsom, we retreat.

Noah Georgeson: Producer, Engineer
Joanna Newsom: Harp, Vocals