Elin & Fredrik walk up the stair to be wed Elin straightens Fredrik's handkerchief detail of veil detail of daughter Emmy's dressdaughter Emmy climbs the stairs an embrace in the window Emmy holds Elin's hand the family in the window a whisper or a smooch Emmy in her mother's arms a final fix resting on the sofa before the ceremony the family gathers to watch them wed being wed by Fredrick Federley shaking hands exchanging rings details of book and hands a smiling husband the family the family the family a smooch an embrace an embrace detail stairswalking down as wed a last smooch in the town hall the family gathers on the stairs, side view. bit windy holding hands the happy couple it started to rain but who cares? is it raining? hiding behind the umbrellaunder the umbrella detail of raindropsdetail of hands and rings family portrait on the stairsfamily portrait on the stairs overlooking the town hall across the water a particularly filmic closeupdetail of portrait looking stylish on a park bench meeting along the road, unplanned shotwalking side by side on cobblestones portrait through leaves portrait through leaves checking out her dress the bride through the car window, with her husband's reflection on top